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Friday, December 13, 2013

In Search Of... The Cool.

Good whatever-time-of-day-it-happens-to-be-in-your-part-of-the-world, I’d like to welcome you back to the page. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me. I appreciate that. H-to-the… Hold up, the quote ends before there.

For everybody returning to this blog site, you may have noticed a few changes; I’ve had to spruce the place up a bit, here and there. As with all things, change and evolution is needed as we go forward. Holding on to old ways thinking that they’ll carry you to new heights is what some people (me) would describe as “backwards”, “delusional”, “fucking retarded” or “being a Liverpool fan.”  We’ve come a long way and the changes are here to reflect it. Here’s to the future.

Since I last posted a piece on this page, I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics, I’ve started work as a foreign exchange consultant and I’ve found a shop that sells Durex condoms in my city (I used to have to fly out of the country just for that). Things are going pretty well. In regards to my new-found awesomeness, I shall now demand to be called ‘The Illustrious Lord Paco’ (No, I haven’t made any friends; things are still pretty cool).

Speaking of cool, I’ve learned quite a lot this year that pertains to levels of coolness and whether or not some people actually deserve to be referred to as cool. I realized that all the coolest people I know share the same basic traits, and I’ve been able to draw out the rules to their cool, such as…

4: Focus on what you say/do, not who’s listening/watching

All the coolest people I know don’t place any emphasis on how many people follow them on twitter, how many likes they get on Facebook (or having a Facebook page, for that matter), how much money they can blow or how many people they’ve slept with. One counter argument you may spew out is “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”; however, how many truly awesome people do you know? You can count them on one hand, can’t you? Now, how many jerks and assholes do you know? You need at least five more of your friends’ digits to count them, don’t you? Also, why do you still need to use fingers to count? How did you even make it this deep into the article without calling your mom to read the hard words like ‘count’?

The truth is, the vast majority of the world is populated with shitty people who like other shitty people who do shitty things. Why do you think ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is so popular? Why do you think that one of the most popular vampire movies of the last decade focuses on the creepy relationship between a hundred-and-something year old vamp-stalker and a teenager with the personality of vegetable soup? So, you with the ten thousand Twitter followers, have you ever asked yourself whether you’re being followed because your thoughts and actions have made a positive impact on the thoughts and actions of others, or because you posted a pic of your oiled-up legs that one time and they’re waiting for more?

All the coolest people I know don’t really care how many people are watching or listening to what they do or say; they’re more concerned about the content and quality of their contributions and output. Stay focused on quality, maintaining your integrity and keeping it honest.  

3: ‘Cool’ and ‘Annoying Hipster That Goes Against The Grain In Every Facet Of Life’ are NOT the same

That one’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’m going to explain it anyway. Everybody knows that one guy or girl who won’t listen to Jay-Z because he’s ‘too mainstream’. Hell, some of them go as far as saying rappers like Mos Def and Talib Kweli are ‘too mainstream’, and call guys like Papoose the saviour of rap (he’s not). These are the ones who were fans of bands like Fall Out Boy ‘before they sold out’. They’re the embodiment of a headache. Their personality is the psychological equivalent of the sound of a mosquito’s wings beating. These are the people whom you ask who their favourite lyricist is and they answer with ‘Pablo Neruda’. They adopt the persona of a toadstool in the misguided belief that being a contrarian is the same as being cool. Now, it’s okay to dislike something that’s popular; it’s not okay to dislike something because it’s popular. That doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a hater.

So no, not liking a Kanye song isn’t what’s going to make you cool. Knowing who did the string arrangements on a Kanye song, on the other hand, is more likely to land you in Coolville*. Why? Because that’s something most people don’t know, and adding depth to your knowledge of a given subject is impressive. However, having unique opinions and knowledge by themselves is not what will make you cool. There’s that one guy who thinks cancer is awesome. That guy is a monster. Don’t be that guy.

*Coolville is not an actual town. Or is it?  

2: Keep it simple (If you can)

If you don’t need a long-winded approach to make a point, then don’t use one.  

1: Stop trying to be cool and just… be cool… I guess

This one is a little harder to explain, simply because of the ambiguous nature of being ‘cool’. On one end of the spectrum, you have people who are being told that they need to ‘be cool’, and you can see the effort they put into it just by the stiffness of their actions and reactions, almost like they’re adjusting from their natural movement to what they think would look good in the eyes of the public. Once these type of guys have mastered their swagger in the bathroom mirror, they take it up a notch by taking the utmost precaution to never be ‘caught slipping’ in public (being out at the ‘cool’ clubs, drinking the ‘cool’ drinks, showing no love to the hoes, you know, standard procedure). The adoption of this policy usually leads to one losing their individual identity and becoming the generic ‘cool guy’.

On the other end, you have guys who make no effort whatsoever to be regarded as cool. They just… do things. These are the guys who go where they like, drink what they like (non-alcoholic beverages included) and hang out with, yes, people they actually like. Talking to this kind of person is refreshing because nothing in their responses is rehearsed, it’s all natural. There’s a special place where your substance becomes your style, where your essence becomes your image, and that’s where you find your cool. I’d like to tell you that just being yourself is enough to make you cool but, again, some of you are actually terrible people, and it would be better for all of us if you just pretended to be cool. One Love.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Black Paco's "Magna Carta, Holy Grail" Review

You’d be hard pressed to find a fan of hip hop music that doesn’t look forward to the occasion of the release of a new Jay-Z album. Social media is overloaded with a load of Jay-Z quotes, references and the customary cliché hashtags. Also, you get people declaring the album a classic- five minutes into listening to it. The term “classic” when applied to art, describes a piece that exhibits contemporary styles and executes these styles to perfection while managing to maintain its integrity; the piece does not become generic. Does Jay-Z’s Magna Carta, Holy Grail deserve to hailed as a classic? Let’s begin:

Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is arguably the best active r&b artist around. Jay-Z is arguably the biggest name in rap, with Eminem being the only other name in the discussion. Therefore, this Timbaland produced song should be the best intro to a rap album there could be. It’s not. It’s a good song, but nothing more than good. JT did a decent job on the hook, however, there’s no sense of effortlessness to it. Jay-Z comes in with his trademark wordplay, with rhymes that describe his outlook on fame and the paranoia that comes along with something so unstable.  The beat is cool. Timbo hasn’t brought anything of this quality to rap in a minute. It’s no ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’, but it’s cool. An okay start to the album

Picasso Baby

The traditional Hov braggadocio rap steps in. The God MC makes his case as the Pablo Picasso of rap. He rides this Timbo beat with a dope, relaxed flow. However, is he saying anything that he hasn’t mentioned before? Every bar is packed with the extravagant scenes he tends to paint with his words, there’s even a reference to his wife Beyonce. But, I believe we’ve heard this all before- ah, and then the beat switches up and he does directly address the rumours about Foxy Brown. Personally, I wouldn’t keep this song on repeat, but it’s decent.

Tom Ford

More luxury rap. The beat’s kinda wavy though. This is 3 good Timbaland beats in a row, I think dude just made up for the 3 trash beats he threw at Hov for the Blueprint 3. This is one of those songs that bounces in the ride, this is one of those tracks that you go dumb to. This is one of those joints ignorant drunk cats gonna chat along to whenever they feeling pseudo-sophisticated. I mess with this though.

FuckwitmeYouknowIgotit aka the unnecessary Rick Ross feature

I don’t really have much to say about this song except that it was a cheap attempt at reaching out to the fan base Rick Ross has managed to attract, that consists of dudes that love bass heavy songs and repetitive hooks. Boi-1da produced this one. You can do better than this though, Jiggaman. Oceans Right on cue, Jigga man does better. Now THIS is a masterpiece. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Pharrell laced the best song on the album so far; every time Jay-Z and Pharrell come together they make magic (pause). This right here lifts the whole album. Frank Ocean did his thing on the chorus; everything comes together.


This song is a call for everybody coming from a background of little means to come forth, make a fortune and distort the balance of financial power around the globe; or as Jay-Z eloquently puts it: ‘Fuck Up This World’. It’s a pretty cool song, but the message seems to get lost amongst the continual bragging. You get used to this if you’re a Jigga fan.

Somewhere In America

The beat is cold on this one. At this point I’m thinking Shawn Carter must’ve saved Timbaland from getting trapped in a burning building or from drowning or something because he’s stepped up his beat game for this album. It’s still nowhere near the Vol. 3 beats he made, but it’s consistently good. I don’t really know what this song is about to be honest. I think dude just wanted to fit the Miley Cyrus twerk reference in somewhere. Crown I’m going to ask a question right about now: if this were the album of another artist whom you’d never heard of before, but with the same beats and same lyrics, how impressed would you be? I’ll make it easier: if you were tasked with introducing a friend to Jay-Z’s music, would this be the album that you let them hear first? Anyway, this song is okay. The flow is cool, the subject matter is repetitive. The beat gets kinda annoying if you leave it on for too long.


The first thing that stands out about this song is that the beat is way colder than that on the previous song. Young Hov’s wordplay steps up a notch too. I think that’s Justin Timberlake singing through some sort of modulator on the hook. It all comes together pretty smoothly. However, I feel this track lacks the x-factor present on ‘Oceans’. The emotional resonance is off, somehow. All in all, it’s a good song.


I’m not entirely sure what the point of this joint is or if it’s a skit or what. It’s just there. The Tribe Called Quest quote at the beginning is real cool though. That’s the only positive I can draw from this.

Part II (On The Run) aka The Song To Help Keep Wifey Feel Included

Whenever Beyonce makes a guest appearance on a Jay-Z song, you can almost tell that it’s more about being together in the studio than actually making a dope song. Beyonce sings “I bring out the best in you”. I couldn’t help but note the irony. This is an alright song. It’s perfect if you’re a dude who just forgot you and your girl’s fourth anniversary and she’s hip to rap and you just need to play a song to make her forget the fact that you came into the house with a bouquet of flowers you obviously just pulled out of the flower bed at home because the roots and mud are still hanging from it. Beach Is Better This just sounds like filler to me. For some reason, Jigga just spat one of his more complex flows on this. I don’t really know what’s going on here. Next track, y’all.

BBC featuring Nas

Now, Nas is my dude (pause), Jay-Z is my dude (pause, again) and Pharrell, Timbo and unfortunately, Swizz Beatz worked the beat on this one. The two New York legends come through with laid-back verses- slightly underwhelming when you know what Jay-Z and Nas are capable of. It’s whatever though. This song’s pretty good, I just wish there was a way to remove those Swizz ad-libs from it. If you want to get some hip broads feeling loose, this is probably the track that’ll get ‘em feeling loose.

Jay Z Blue

This is one of the more introspective songs on the album. Jay speaks on his concerns and doubts as a father and if he can be a better one than his own pops. If you’ve missed the ‘Can’t Be Life’, ‘Song Cry’, ‘Moment of Clarity’ Jay-Z, this is probably the closest you’ll hear in recent times. I can mess with this.

La Familia

This song is pretty dope. This one is some more braggadocio rap, but the boy Young is on some more aggressive tip, subliminally responding to the other Mr Carter of rap for his Beyonce kidnap line on Tha Carter 4. This ain’t The Takeover but at this point it doesn’t really need to be.  I mess with this track though.

Nickels and Dimes

Remember how on The Black Album, Young Hov closed the album with ‘My First Song’, and that made for a classic ending to a classic album? This isn’t that. However, Jay doesn’t fail to drop a couple of gems on this. The song is alright but I’m not really gonna be checking for it every time I open my music library.

So there you have it. Getting back to the question posed in the middle of the review: if this were the body of work that introduced you to an artist, would you respect that artist as much as you’d respect the artist who was introduced to you through Reasonable Doubt? The Blueprint? I wouldn’t. That’s the benchmark when we consider a musical piece for status as a classic. Magna Carta, Holy Grail is a decent album. It’s not a classic.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It’s been a minute so let me get straight in it: what up, folk? Once again we've arrived on this page for an exchange of that literary dope. It’s been a while since I've cooked up, flipped and slanged any of this dope other than for academic purposes (I’m writing a dissertation for my bachelor’s degree this year, pray for a kid. Or just wish me well if you’re agnostic. Or cast a spell if you’re a wizard, I don’t care, just support me, bitch), and this is a shame because I feel the same way about writing as Tony Montana felt about cocaine.

He was quite fond of it

It’s 2013, and in this day and age with all the access to global media and access to many of our celebrity heroes private lives, a lot of kids get confused when it comes to knowing how to act like an adult. When you’re trying to emulate the attitude and behavior of your favourite actor/athlete/artist, things can get messy if said celebrity tends to act like an asshole (how you doing, Chris Brown?). For instance, as a man, one must know which situations it’s acceptable to punch someone in (that guy who squeezed your girlfriend’s ass without her consent) and which situations it’s not acceptable to punch someone in (that baby who drooled on your shoes. Yes, I know they’re Nike, that doesn't make it OK to punch babies). Somewhere down the line, we as a society lost the G Code. ‘What is the “G Code”’, you say? It is a set of rules and expectation by which any and all men and women of sound mind must aspire to conduct themselves by. Tonight, I shall share some of these codes with you.


This is pretty basic, but surprisingly difficult to execute, especially if you’re a compulsive liar. If you say you’re going to do something: do it. Whether you told your best friend, your neighbor, your mother, your auntie, your parrot or even yourself, all you need to do is stick to what you said you were going to do. This is difficult because we often forget what commitments we made or we didn't really understand what the fuck we were committing ourselves to. We all know that fat guy who said “in the next four months, I’m seriously going to cut my weight down!” then four months down the line, he’s still an obese asshole who can’t walk and have a conversation at the same time without collapsing from exhaustion. How does this happen? Because that fat bastard had no idea what he was committing himself to when he made his weight-loss declaration, and that was a declaration he made to his own damn self. He probably went jogging once and decided that was too hard, so instead went on a vegetarian diet but found himself eating 34 cucumber sandwiches per day because hey, at least it’s not fatty meat.

"I know it looks like I'm pigging out, but really, I'm exercising my jaw"

But I digress, the point is: the moment you decide you’re going to do something, especially if you give your word on it (it doesn't need to be a promise, just SAYING it is giving your word), you have to go through with it until it is done. Don’t make a habit out of selling dreams with your words then be surprised when your kids hate you for all the times you said you’d get them quad bikes for Christmas, and then pushed it to next Christmas. Every. Fucking. Year.


This applies to all men and the odd woman who goes on the aggressive and asks people out: we can’t win every single time we play the game. Have you ever witnessed a guy take a girl out to dinner, buy her chocolate, buy roses, spend airtime calling her, spend gas money picking her up and dropping her off, then get pissed the fuck off when she says no to his proposal to stick his boner in her mouth.

 Is that how people ask other people out these days? I've been single for a while.

This might be hard to grasp for some people but: you’re not paying for a service when you take a girl out for a nice time, don’t expect her to want you like you’d expect KFC to give you food after you pay, it doesn't work like that. The reason behind gifts and meals has been lost to a lot of people in this generation, but what you’re doing is simply asking for the person’s time, so that you can make the case for why your penis is the only one they should be touching because of how awesome the person attached to it is. Be magnanimous: giving people gifts and not expecting sexual favours in return makes a convincing argument that you might actually be worth dating.

"Sooooo, does this $100 champagne mean sex or ? I'm breaking bank here, woman"


Unless they have evidence/witnesses. Let’s be honest, nobody ever tells their boyfriend or girlfriend about the time they cheated because “they deserve to know”. It’s always because the guilt was eating away at them and they weren't sleeping right so they transfer the emotional burden to their partner so that the bad feeling goes bye-bye. That’s not love, that’s selfish. Don’t say anything until you’re caught (and if you’re a guy, you WILL get caught, women are like some FBI-CIA-MI6-SEAL Team 6 Zero Dark Thirty mash-up of secret intelligence). You shouldn't be cheating at all, but I understand we’re all human. What I’m saying is you’re adding insult to injury if you go confess to your partner that you were cheating without any pressure from them, because you only do it because your guilt is hurting you. Bear that pain on your own, you selfish asshole. On the flipside though…


shouldn't even have to tell you people this one, but just like the stench from the mouth of that really fine chick in your class/office that every guy still slobbers over, some things are shockingly ignored. Just a couple of weeks ago I heard a story about this dude whose girlfriend was fucking another dude. I heard this story from his boys.

So I asked, “Have you niggas told him?”

Them: “Nah”

Me: “Are you going to tell him?”

Them: “Nah”

Me: “Y’all are going to Hell”

People actually catch more than feelings when this shit happens; people catch DISEASES. This isn't a joke, folk. If you know your friend is getting played, TELL THEM. People actually get sick off this shit, so in this instance, don’t be afraid to hurt them by being the bearer of bad news. In the long term, you’re doing them a favour.

"Hey, Dave, remember when you ruined my love life? ha ha ha,  thanks buddy!"

That’s it for tonight y’all. For everybody trying to do better in becoming a decent human being, go over these simple rules that form part of the G Code, and you might just become a stand-up citizen in your community. Educate your folk on this shit too. Peace

One Love

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Got Votes, Bitch!

What’s the word, y’all. It’s Frankie The One aka That dude you been stealing your tweets from, The writer of the cyphers you need RapGenius to decipher, I got that dong that got the women following me, call me the Pied PIPER. But enough of that. Y’all already know my pedigree because I stay shoving it in your faces; I got that Kanye spirit in my veins. “I’m inspired when people don’t like me”. Word to you knuckleheads. Come at me.

Let me just say congratulations to Barack Obama despite the fact that he’s probably never gonna read this with his own eyes since he’s busy running the world and all that. I know some of y’all non-citizens of the US are jealous of the attention the POTUS is getting on social media, talking ‘bout “Why do you guys CARE who the president of the US is like he’s YOUR president?” First of y’all, fuck outta here with that ignorant shit. Acting like the US ain’t set up all sorts of NGOs in your home country. But that ain’t even the major issue. This dude pushed healthcare reform in the United States further than it’s ever been, and it’s been pushed for years. Obama restructured the American automotive industry, keeping it from collapsing, and the industry is back on track. AND this nigga got Bin Laden after Bush failed at that for 7 years.

Barack made 508 distinct promises for his tenure as president, he’s accomplished 193 of those, and he’s at least made an effort to work on 418 so far, that’s kind of a success when you realize he’s has to compromise with the senate.A president doesn’t have the power to do whatever they want, not in a democracy. I know some of the African readers think that last sentence was some Chinese mumbo-jumbo but it is how things are SUPPOSED to work. So peace to my nigga Barack. His policies affect global markets. What he decides to do in the states WILL affect the global economy as markets react to what he does. The fact that the reserve currency of the entire world is the United States Dollar should speak for itself. So pay attention to the elections in the States, my people.

The elections in my own country of Malawi though? I’m less enthusiastic about that. My reasons are simple: a) The political parties in my country don’t seem to have any distinct ideologies; they seem to be grounded on the personal views of the party leader, which may not be based on the policies that they think can take the country forward, rather, they’re based on personal interest. This isn’t always the case but from the examples of our previous leaders, it’s all I can conclude. I don’t even think there’s any differences in the different party manifestos, they all got ambiguous, positive sounding objectives lined out that I rarely see them accomplishing. b) 90% of the voters in Malawi live in rural areas, and an overall literacy rate of 74%, with 53% of the population living below the poverty line (living under less than $2 a day). Most of these voters don’t vote based on whose policies they like the most; they vote on who will give them the most free t-shirts and bags of maize during the campaigns. Where does my one little vote stand amongst 90% of the population that vote based on these short term campaign handouts? I’m sick of people going ‘nah, bruh, your vote DOES count, it’s important that we all get out there and vote and your vote MAKES A DIFFERENCE.’ Yo…. If one candidate got 14,000 votes in my area, and the other gets 5,000… How the FUCK does my one vote make a difference in that situation? Fuck outta here man.

"What's a forex shortage? I don't miiind, Fuck a fuel crisis, I don't driiive!"

And that’s why I don’t vote in my country: too many political parties with no distinct principles or ideologies and; too many voters that vote for the wrong reasons for my vote to count. That’s just me though; if you believe your vote, as an educated person that understands the social and economic issues going on in the country, is going to make a difference in Malawi, by all means, go ahead. Some of us believe in unicorns and bigfoot and ghosts and an omnipotent invisible man in the sky… I’m just saying, we’re entitled to our irrational beliefs.

One Love

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's Your Number?

How’s it going family, hope everybody is getting their grind on or shine on or asking-dad-for-money-so-I-can-look-good-sipping-this-wine on. Ok, maybe not that last one, But whatever you’re doing I hope you’re doing it well. There’s a concept I’d like to explore right now that everybody has thought about at least once in their life: what constitutes a slut?

When you hear the word ‘slut’, what do you envision? Is it someone who’s slept with half the people you know? Is it someone who hasn’t been around quite that much but flirts around a lot? Is it gender specific? Is it your mom? What are the factors that make people arrive at the conclusion that another individual is what they’d classify as ‘loose’ or ‘a slut’? It’s a subjective matter, of course, and like most human things, it’s based more on prejudice than quantitative or empirical study.

Let’s get past the obvious: it’s a numbers game. Most people will call somebody a slut after the hearing the number of people they’ve slept with. But we don’t normally agree on the number one must achieve to level up from ‘prude’ to ‘loose’ to ‘slut’ to ‘super saiyan slut level 3’.  But is it really a matter of the total number, or the time frame in which this number is achieved? If a woman, in 40 years of sexual activity sleeps with 20 men in a pattern spread evenly across those 40 years, is she a slut? And what about a woman who, in 4 years, accumulates that same total?

from the data collected, we can conclude that she didn't get enough hugs from daddy growing up.

Another factor that comes into play is the manner in which this total number is accumulated. As you all know, alcohol is responsible for 94% of all regrettable sexual decisions. That and movies like The Notebook. So if 90% of a girl’s hook ups are while she’s under the influence, does that make her a slut? Maybe. Maybe it’s like Drunken boxing Kung Fu; just a technique and approach to sluttiness. Drunken slut is still slut, after all.  And if she let like 8 dudes run a train on her? I ain’t judging, but that ain’t the girl most of you are thinking of bringing home to mom, right?

Aside from the total number of people slept with, there’s the sexual acts that one may be reported to have committed. Does what you do in bed factor in to your slut status? Maybe you’re not a ho, and you just made a ho decision. Let’s say you’ve been involved in a couple of ménage a trois’, would that make you a slut? Or does it only mean you enjoy a little bit of debauchery? Well, a certain blogger is always up for a ménage, and he doesn’t take kindly to being called a slut, so watch what you say there. And what of the people who've been in sex tapes, it wouldn't be fair to call them hoes based on that, would it?

"Yeah... we're not all sluts, ok?"

One more thing: you’ll notice that in paragraphs 3 and 4, the examples I gave were of women and that up until the last sentence of the previous paragraph, I hadn’t directly mentioned the possibility of a male slut. That was intentional. Society tends to be more forgiving of men who sleep around more than average. A man who has had 30 sexual partners in their lifetime will be looked upon more kindly than a woman who has had the same number of sexual partners. This is a cultural thing, and it applies to most cultures across the globe. A man who knows a woman has slept with 30 people is not very likely to bring her home to his family, let alone take the leap of marriage with her. However, a dude pulling those same numbers probably won’t face the same level of prejudice and scrutiny. He could find a wife with more ease. Personally, I believe anybody with a track record like that, isn’t exactly marriage material. Maybe if they change their ways, whatever that fruity Drake-ish statement means, then they might be worth it. My point is: the discrepancy complicates the area where you can draw the line between prudes and sluts.

At the end of the day, calling someone a slut is usually down to opinion and there’s no universal definitive number or act that constitutes the label. It all comes down to the human need to judge others in order to feel good about ourselves. And if you don’t like what I say, then you, sir/madam, are a slut.

One Love.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Essence

Greetings everybody,

It's been a while, and this is a long overdue article for 2 reasons: 1. I haven't posted anything in a minute and 2. The content I'm about to present to you should have been given to the world long, long ago. The reason I started writing was to present information to people who may have not received it otherwise. I'm taking it back to the essence in this post.

Music is one of my many passions just like asian girls in Catholic schoolgirl uniform but that's not the point today, sorry for getting distracted. *ehem* MUSIC is one of my many passions, and it is the one closest to my heart (that or asian chicks). When I hear something beautiful, I want to share it with the world, and such is the case with the 4 songs and artists I'm about to talk about.

1. Bottom of The River - Delta Rae

This is one of the most amazing pieces of music I've heard in forever. I'm not even sure what genre it fits into, all I know is the final product is so finely tuned and so well executed that my mind felt like that one time I was tripping off some high grade purple when I heard it. Delta Rae is a band comprised of 6 members, 3 of whom are siblings, including the lead vocalist. She has the rawest vocals I've heard in this auto-tuned era, and it sounds magnificent. The production is so well mixed that the track instrumental truly has a life of its own, all while every single instrument can be heard in it's own right. Again, I'm not sure what genre they fit into, but they seem to have gospel, country, folk, jazz and even some pop influences in their music and that DNA can be traced in this wonderfully pieced together song. This percussion-heavy tune is guaranteed to get you feeling spiritual.

2. What's Tha Word featuring Jay Rock & Ab-Soul - Schoolboy Q

This is that gangsta shit. Pardon me as I go ignorant to this track. But this is another well crafted piece of music, regardless of its subject matter. This is a song from TDE's very own Schoolboy Q. The message in the song is about the harsh realities faced in the hood by urban youths. What's so special about this particular song is the heart that goes into it, specifically the Jay Rock verse, which is the 2nd. You feel like you're riding with these dudes as their tale unfolds. The thing that takes it even further than that is the amazing beat and the piano chords that come in midway through the 1st verse. It turns this harsh, gritty, ghetto story into something soulful. Keep your ears open because these Black Hippie/TDE (Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock) kids are the future of hip hop. Word is bond.

3. Kill Screen a.k.a Steve Wiebe - Jean Grae

When it comes to rap... When it comes to lyricism... When it comes to writing a verse with so many polysyllabic rhymes and such a condense rhyme scheme coupled with brilliant wordplay... look no further than Jean Grae. South African born, Brooklyn raised (if my very reliable sources at Wikipedia are correct, they're usually infallible and absolutely impervious to random users coming in and changing articles willy nilly), Jean Grae is one of the last true emcees left in rap music. This song, 'Kill Screen' is named after the levels in old arcade games that were virtually unplayable due to their overwhelming difficulty, which was caused by programming errors: no one was expected to reach that far in these games. Steve Wiebe is one the past high score record holders for the original Donkey Kong arcade games and that's why his name is in the title of the track. And I will say this: the plethora of wordplay in this track will act like a kill screen to even the best rappers playing the game... Get it? Rap? Game? Kill Screen? .... Forget it. You can check out the amazing wordplay and the academic breakdown of the lyrics right HERE "I'm the figure 8 sideways, always, ageless."

4. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

This song, unlike any of the others, is already 3 years old. You might recognize it as that background music in that climatic scene in that movie you watched that one time, or from a commercial, or from that series you watch on Thursday evenings. The point is this is one of the most known unknown songs in the universe. It is also truly one of the best songs of the decade. Won't take my word for it? You don't have to, you can ask Pitchfork Media. They rated it as one of the top 500 songs of the 2000s. Nuff said. The unfortunate thing about one of the most brilliant musical pieces I've ever heard is that it was coupled with one of the fucking weirdest videos I've ever seen. If you can get past that though, your ears shall be blessed by the heavens. It's like one of those legendary ancient Greek trials or something. If you appreciate Baroque Pop, you'll certainly enjoy Two Weeks.

That's it y'all. I hope someone out there gained something from this, experienced a greater appreciation for music, discovered a new artist to add to their personal music library, had something to distract them from their boring day at work. I'm here to entertain and potentially get you fired if your boss catches you slacking again. I just want to help.

One Love.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get That Bitchmade Shit Outta Here

What up,

The Kid is busy with some school shit y'all, senior year of university and shit. so the blog is suffering while I write up on assignments and get a project proposal ready. BUT, I had a couple of things I need to get off my chest real quick. We're living in a world where decorum is about as rare as post-adolescent virginity, fam. These days, niggas on a super level of bitch-made. Niggas trading blows over girls, and even worse, some niggas ain't even got enough dignity to be on that level of bitch-made, they're on some quantum bitch shit fighting over broads on twitter. Speaking of twitter, just last week I seen some dude talk shit like "all these niggas want my girl, but she's mine so quit claiming you love her" and I seen his broad retweet that shit, like she really agree with that shit, meanwhile she goes and fucks 3 other niggas in one night. Word is bond.
"I can smell the other dudes' semen on your breath BUT I STILL LOVE YOU SCHNOOKUMS!"

A couple of days ago on my twitter page, I said something like "Wolves don't announce their arrival to the sheep". What I was trying to tell niggas is: don't put your plans all out there for people to know, you get me? There's way too many haters out there trying to block your moves for you to hand the niggas your whole tactic book, so when you got some moves to make, keep it to yourself til you're ready to pounce. I know you might have some brilliant epiphany you wanna share with the world and shit, but if you fuck up and actually tell the world what you're about to do before you do it, some other nigga gonna claim your idea and run with it. You also gotta be careful which people in your circle you're telling this shit, coz they might jack you too. Ask Nikola Tesla. Y'all can quote me on that wolves/sheep shit too. Just make sure your reference it right when you writing your dissertation and shit. Quiet Dignity is a powerful quality, people, remember that.
 One Love